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Maker of software for master key lock systems 

We are a company specializing in making software for companies related to the lock business; lock manufacturers, lock smiths, builders, and security companies.

Our programs are used for creating, calculating and controlling master key lock systems. Many major lock manufacturers use our programs with excellent results.

All our programs can exchange lock system information with each other; you can import / export between any A2 programs that you are using.

Our programs are in constant evolution. All that you wish for today, you can have it tomorrow.

We have a lot of experience for supporting you with for your requests; we have been in this business since 1986.


Here in our web page you will find detailed information about all our programs:

 Planner - a program for planning lock systems from scratch in an easy way.

 Superlock - the perfect program for planning, calculation and administration of lock systems.

 Keybank - a program for the end user, created for managing lock systems, key holders, keys and the history that comes with this control.

You can also find the latest free updates to programs you already have.

If you register yourself in our web site, you will automatically get notified via email, when there is news about e.g. new program updates. You will also have access to downloading demos etc.

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