Keybank, system management

Keybank is a progarm for the end user, created for controlling lock systems, personnel, keys and history that comes with this control.

With Keybank you can easily see, at any given moment, who has access to which doors in your building.

Keybank is ideal for any company, whether it is small, medium or large and for institutions as well. In many places, due to the lock system's complesity, it is complicated to maintain a strict control with the movements of the keys. The amount of information grows with time, and with every movement of the keys registered in the program, it is possible to follow all facts about movements, accesses, losses, etc. that has ocurred within the lock system.

This program can import lock systems from the calculation program Superlock and the planning program Planner. The user can, on a daily basis, hand in and hand out keys to the personnel, and can follow the movements of these keys.

Keybank has been designed to work in a very visual way. The functions are sequential so that the user does not get lost in all the options. Furthermore it has the possibility to control the users access to the program with options to enable/disable the possibility to view and/or modify data in the program.