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Welcome to the Keybank Elite update page. Here you can find the latest upgrades of the Keybank Elite program.

The program is available in the following languages: English, French, Danish, Spanish and Catalan.

To change Language, go to setup menu and select 'Change Language', then select the language that you prefer.

WARNING!!! Please, make a backup before start to update the program. This update is only for update existing installations of the Keybank Elite. To update older Keybanks (e.g. 16bit versions), please contact your distributor. It is only possible to update Keybank Elite with one of the same model (50 to 50, 200 to 200, Plus to Plus and SM to SM). Any other variant can destroy your data and the program will not work anymore, so make sure that you are updating with the same version as your current Keybank.


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