Superlock, system calculation

Superlock Standard is the perfect program for calculation and administration of lock systems from 4 to 16 pins. It is a powerful tool for professional key manufacturer.

It is mainly aimed at: Lock factories / lock smiths.

It can calculate key cutting and cylinder pinning in systems with either a single or multiple profiles.

Type in keys, cylinders and accesses in the lock chart and Superlock will handle the calculation of the keys and cylinders you want.

When modifying a system Superlock calculates the extensions and inserts the changes. It will also check for illegal keys, keys without access and illegal accesses etc... The master key is checked to ensure that the same master code is not used in two different systems. You can see the cylinder build, create a list for printing, or send it directly to a cutting/assembly machine.

With Superlock you can build you own profile sets and make Superlock assign the profiles to each key and cylinder. You can type in key codes manually or leave it to Superlock to calculate them automatically.

You can type in keys manually, plan a later extensions, make new extensions or recode existing lock systems.

There is a report generator which allows you modify the different reports, preview and print reports with the logo of your company.

You can receive systems from Planner, calculate them and return them to the same Planner or to a Keybank for administration of keys and cylinders.

Superlock is available in the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian and Spanish.