Planner, system design

Planner Elite is a program for planning lock system from scratch in a easy way. A single click with the mouse on the send button allows the lock smith, that does not calculate the systems himself, to export a lock system file and this can be sent to the factory for example via Email. There the Superlock will calculate and return the calculated system to the lock smith.

It is a mainly aimed at: Sales people/Distributors/Architects.

Planner Elite can, besides making systems, be used for viewing a product catalog from your distributor and place orders.

Planner Elite is a secure tool, you can create several users with different access rights. In this way you control who can work with the program and what each user can do.

Planner Elite can send systems to the SuperLock for calculation, and it can import systems calculated with Superlock. You can create extensions in existing systems and return the system to Superlock for recalculation. From Planner Elite you can send key cut files to all kinds of cutting machines: Silca, JMA, Orion, KeyLine Dezmo, etc...

With Planner Elite you can print out all kinds of lists fast and easy. You can make lists of keys, cylinders, door accessories, the lock charts, etc... It is the ideal tool, for example, for sales people to have it installed on a laptop. In this way they can type in the necessary information for the system in the field and send it to the Superlock at the factory.

The lock smiths can make price quotations more precisely by only having the catalog loaded in their computers.

Product Product code  
Planner 31200